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A world where your ideas travel faster, trade is digital and safer, and your business can grow with confidence. HSBC is your trusted strategic partner for your trade needs – providing you with insight, helping you spot opportunities and risks, and making sense of an ever changing world.

Our awards

Voted the World’s Best Trade Finance Service Bank for 7 consecutive years by Euromoney¹
The World’s Best Transaction Bank by The Banker²

World’s largest trade bank providing you access to 90% of global trade flows³

5,000+ trade specialists spanning more than 50+ markets⁴

We facilitated $850bn of trade in 2023⁵

We understand that running a growing business is challenging…

  • Understanding local market nuances related to global expansion
  • Improving supply chain resilience
  • Finding trustworthy new buyers and suppliers in new markets
  • Managing ESG transition
  • Optimizing working capital and cashflow management

HSBC is the best financial partner for companies looking to grow internationally. Through their transactional products, trade financing and guarantees, and long-term financing, they have supported us in leading our transformation from a small business into a leading global supplier.

Alvaro Quintana Pradera, Haizea Wind Group's Finance Director

We can help you navigate these challenges and support your growth ambitions

We’ve been partnering with companies like yours to support their trade ambitions for more than 155 years.

As a global connector, HSBC’s footprint gives you access to 90% of world trade flows³. This expansive network provides you with a powerful mixture of local, regional, and global knowledge to help you spot new growth opportunities in your sector and help you to tackle challenges that come with running a business.

We strive to develop and deliver innovative solutions. Today, we’re seeking new ways to help companies like yours expand offshore, building new tech partners to reduce paper from trade, or creating new platforms to facilitate e-commerce.

We are believers in forging long-term strategic partnerships with our clients including buyers and sellers across the supply chain ecosystem around the world.

With HSBC, the world becomes a more connected place. A place where your business can growth faster and safer.

Our solutions and product suite

We are here to help you trade with greater confidence and achieve your business ambitions

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Client stories

How we’ve taken our clients to the global stage

DHL & HSBC: a truly global partnership

“We’re in a huge number of geographies and we need any number of cash management services, treasury bank guarantees and a lot more. And HSBC are there when we need them to provide those services to us.” John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express

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Harris Distillers & HSBC: How we’re taking Harris to the world while giving the community a boost

“We wanted to do something to re-energise the economy of Harris and in doing so create a business that provided long-term employment. HSBC demonstrated an understanding of the challenges a young business had, particularly one that was quite distinctive by its location, and that relationship has evolved and developed ever since.” Ron MacEachran, Executive Chairman and CFO

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