Protect - Manage your risks

Manage the risks of doing business. All businesses face some level of risk regardless of their type or size. That’s why HSBC offers an array of services designed to help you manage both your internal and external exposure. With access to our credit and lending services you’ll have solutions to help you manage fluctuations in cash flow or to finance capital investment. Our structured trade and import/export finance solutions are also available to help you mitigate counterparty risk – enabling you to expand into new markets with greater confidence.

Credit and lending

Use our credit and lending solutions to finance capital investments and business growth, and to obtain working capital to improve cash flow.


Minimise the risk of unplanned overdrafts. Improve your cash flow management by having the option to easily access funds.

Revolving loans

Boost working capital to cover short-term or day-to-day expenses by drawing, repaying and redrawing cash as needed within the limits of the facility.

Traditional Trade Solutions

If your business trades overseas, our international expertise could give you an advantage. Offer more certainty to your trading partners while at the same time negotiating better payment terms. With an extensive range of traditional trade solutions available, we can provide added support and security to meet your import and export needs.


Gain more control over exports, improve cashflow and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively.


Access working capital to bridge the gap between settlement with suppliers and payment from buyers.


Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit.


Protect and finance the risk of your deferred payment period with HSBCs forfaiting services.

Structured Trade Solutions

Expand into new growth markets – our Structured Trade Solutions can help you to shape a stronger and more sustainable global supply chain, giving you faster access to liquidity and the ability to unlock funds to optimise your working capital.

Commodity and Structured Trade Finance

Get access to trade finance solutions designed specifically for producers, traders and end users along the global supply chain for energy, metal and agricultural (‘soft’) commodities.

Receivables Finance

Improve your cash flows and enhance your liquidity forecasts.